International Travel During COVID

International Travel During COVID

Even though the United States is opening up for domestic travel, you can't brush off your passport and hop on a plane to anywhere in the world.

There's been a lot of talk online and on social media about the Yellow Cards — I'm here to dispel that rumor and tell you that it hasn't been made necessary yet. Learn more about a Yellow Card and get a few tips on International Travel During COVID.

International Travel

A Yellow Card (also called Carte Jeune) is a vaccination booklet that certain countries require travelers to obtain before they can come into the country. There is currently no equivalent for the COVID-19 vaccine, which some online rumors suggested.

Even though we currently don't have to run out and get our Yellow Cards, there are still restrictions to international travel — even for fully vaccinated Americans. If you've been dreaming about visit Québec, Canada, or seeing the Eiffel Tower in France, you're out of luck for now as those borders remained closed.

But the Seychelles, Iceland, Croatia, Belize, Ecuador, and many other gorgeous travel destinations are opening their borders to vaccinated Americans. You can also still travel to certain countries like Mexico, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and many more without proof of vaccination. You'll just need a negative COVID-19 test and the willingness to self-quarantine.

If you're hoping to travel abroad, here are some additional things to keep in mind in order to protect yourself and foreign communities.

Choose Your Destination Wisely

You'll want to do more research into the country you're visiting while traveling during the pandemic, just like you would when traveling domestically. Make sure you know what their restrictions are, what their case numbers are like, and what you'll need to present at customs in order to cross the border.

You should also think about how you can make a positive impact on the communities you visit. Some countries rely on tourism to stay afloat, and locals have been hard-hit by the sudden shutdowns due to COVID.

Do some research and choose a country that could best benefit from your money. Croatia, Montenegro, and Spain are European countries that rely on tourism and also offer spectacular views, food, and tourist experiences.

Go with a Kitchenette or an All-Inclusive

Due to the pandemic, many restaurants have either shuttered their doors permanently or restricted their service. For warmer climates, this can be easily solved by outdoor seating. Just in case, you should look into booking accommodations that allow you to cook for yourself.

Hotel rooms with kitchenettes or AirBnB apartment rentals are a great choice to keep you independent. You don't want to find yourself in a foreign country without the ability to eat! Not to mention that cooking for yourself some of the time can be very good for your wallet and give you more money to splurge on that scenic tour you'd love to experience.

All inclusives can be safe to eat from as long as protocols are followed.  They offer cost effective eating with a variety of restaurants and menus to choose from.  Since the restaurants are located on the premises, they don't face some of the curfew restrictions imposed on public restaurants.  Continue to socially distance, wash your hands and pay attention that the serving staff is wearing gloves and masks.

Your New Travel Checklist

Before you get to packing your bags, here's a helpful pandemic checklist to research.

  • Does the destination require any additional documentation or a self-quarantine period?
  • Is it possible to social distance while traveling to the destination? If it isn't, do I have the right protective equipment?
  • Does my airline/accommodations have a cancellation and refund policy? Do I need additional travelers insurance?

You can travel safely if you keep that checklist in mind.

Ready to See the World?

Now that you know how to travel safely during the pandemic, you're ready to set off and see the world again!

Which country are you looking forward to visit the most?  Share with me in the comments!

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