Aruba's Entry Process During COVID

Aruba's Entry Process During COVID

A few months ago, I learned about a "Workation" program for remote workers in Aruba.  I immediately began researching Aruba's entry process during COVID. Here's what I learned:

Aruba is taking COVID seriously.

At the time of this writing, there were 97 active cases on the island.  There are mandatory curfews in effect and masks are still required in public.

(NOTE:  Please refer directly to the Aruba government's official website, as the requirements are subject to change.)

All COVID tests are not the same.

When I found out I could get a test at my local CVS Pharmacy, I called to determine which version of the test I should get for my travel.  I read the testing requirements directly from the website and made my appointment based on the information given me over the phone.

I took the wrong test.

DO NOT take the rapid test.  DO NOT take the antigen test.

Refer directly to the Government of Aruba's website for approved tests.

Uploading your test during the required ED process does not mean that your test has been accepted.

Bring your test results with you. Prior to boarding your flight, you will need to show an ED card with a green check which grants you permission to board your flight. You must fill out the required form no more than 72 hours and up to 4 hours prior to your arrival in Aruba.

Prior to filling out the form to receive your green check, have all of your travel data - they want flight numbers, arrivals and where you will be staying.  There are several pages to go through and you will be required to review each of them before it is finalized.  You will not be permitted to apply before the 72 hour window.

You are also required to purchase insurance.  For my stay, insurance cost me $30.

Download the Aruba Health app in advance.

This will greatly speed you through the line to get to Customs.  You can present your uploaded test results from your phone.  In the event you chose to take the test in Aruba or need to be tested because your test was rejected, you will receive speedy notifications via the Aruba Health app.

You can choose to prepay for a test which will be administered after you go through Customs.

If your test does not meet the requirements, you will not receive a "Pass" card upon arrival at the airport in Aruba and will be directed to go to the Medical screening line. Collect your bags before going for medical screening. If you chose to prepay for a test, you will be directed to the same line.  Your bags will go through the Customs check and you will be tested after.

Testing costs $75 and you MUST quarantine until you get the results.

Your hotel will ask you for proof that you passed the medical assessment - do not lose that blue card you are given at the airport.  In the event you had to take the test, you must quarantine in your room until you receive negative test results.  Within the Aruba Health App you can also opt to receive email notification.  I tested roughly around 4pm and received my test results overnight.

All things considered the process was not overwhelming!  Just make sure you get the correct test, especially if you are on a short stay!

On the return trip, the United States accept the antigen test for re-entry.  So while it did not work going to Aruba, I was able to get that test for my return home.

As of July 1, Aruba will be lifting their mask mandate.  No matter when you go, be sure to check out the official government of Aruba's guidelines here for the latest information on Traveler Requirements.

Do you plan to visit Aruba soon?  Let me know in the comments!


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